Tony Granholm

Designer Tony Granholm graduated from the Lahti Polytechnic Institute of Design in 1992. Granholm is the artist behind the tremendously popular Kalevala Jewelry collections "Heart of the House" and “Lily of the Valley”. He has also designed popular jewelry series for men, such as “Väinö and “Thors hammer 2.0”.

As a designer, Granholm feels that the aesthetic of timelessness is a value which belongs in every piece of jewelry. Jewelry is a long-lived product and its aesthetic value should be strong enough to outlive trends, although the jewelry remains always the output of its own time.

The designer says that he enjoys to work with lines drawn upon the water. His design is not based on security but on intuition only. “I try to see clearly something that is not clear. For me design is a process, a mental flow that happens. I enjoy when the motive of the jewelry is always new.”

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