Untamed beauty

Untamed beauty

Our slogan – Untamed Beauty – showcases our contribution to the chain of strong, independent women, generation after generation.

Untamed Beauty is about challenging stereotypes of what it means to be a woman

We want to encourage everyone to define themselves as they wish, regardless of external pressures or expectations. We want to enrich people's perception of womanhood and broaden the representation of femininity. By showcasing independent, talented, genuine people, we want to inspire people everywhere to adopt our message: appreciate yourself, and believe in what you are and what you can achieve.

Untamed Beauty is about equality

Kalevala Jewelry is for everyone – regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, religion, or health.

Untamed Beauty is about sustainable design and appealing stories

Kalevala Jewelry is part of Finnish culture. Our jewelry expresses statements about the world and its phenomena. Opposing throwaway culture, we offer high-quality, sustainable products with timeless, innovative design. We make it our priority to produce practical, multi-purpose jewelry.

See our tribute to womanhood

Who wants to be the fairest of them all when you can be untamed?

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