Beauty meets sustainability

All Kalevala Jewelry products are made in Finland ». This has always been an important value for the company. In addition, it is a great priority for us to use durable, ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

In our jewelry production, 100% of the gold and 85% of the silver we use is recycled; the remaining 15% of silver is from Scandinavian mines. The use of recycled materials in jewelry production significantly reduces the burden on natural resources compared to all-new materials. The diamonds used in our jewelry come from reliable Finnish partners who are committed to the Kimberley Process and members of the Responsible Jewelry Council. In this way, we can ensure a responsible supply chain all the way from the diamond mine to the end user. In addition, we have created an innovative operating model that increases transparency and entails higher commitment to ethical conduct throughout the supply chain.


The precious metal scrap generated in jewelry production is also processed with due care. All scrap – even the metallic dust resulting from grinding – is recycled, cleaned and reused. Furthermore, we purify the process water to remove chemical and metal residue using state-of-the-art technology before discharging it into the sewerage system.


Kalevala Jewelry has a special relationship with charity, as the company was initially established as the result of a charity project. It was founded in the 1930s by a group of socially aware, active women, who wanted to sell jewelry in order to gather funds to set up a statue for the Finnish woman. However, the proceeds were eventually spent to help victims of war: special Mothers’ homes were established as resting places for mothers of large families, funds were donated to children's homes, and temporary homes were provided for families who had been evacuated from the ceded Karelia region.

A part of the sales profit of the Hugs pendant was donated to the Finnish Federation of mother and child homes and shelters..

The strong tradition of charity has continued over the years in the form of supporting various causes of social significance. Many of the charity campaigns have focused on supporting women and children, such as the Pink Ribbon, Women's Bank and Save the Children. See the currently available charity products here ».

Charity jewelry no longer in production:

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Pink Ribbon jewelry, supporting the Cancer Foundation's Pink Ribbon fund-raising activity.

2018 Hugs, supporting the Finnish Federation of mother and child homes and shelters.

2016 Cross of Friendshipsupporting the volunteer activities carried out by the Suurella Sydämellä (Big Heart) program of the Finn Church Domestic Aid.

2015 Precious Sunshine Charm, supporting the Save the Children organization.

2013 Sheltered, supporting the New Children's Hospital in Helsinki.

2012 The Chain of Generations, supporting  the Finnish Brain Foundation.

2009 Gravity, supporting the Women's Bank.

2007 Sea, supporting the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (for cleaner Baltic Sea).

2006 Afrikan aika, supporting girls' education in Ghana.

2002 Lily, jewelry for the 85th anniversary of Finland's independence, supporting the women's division of the Finnish War Veterans' Association.

1990s Luvajärvi jewelry, supporting Unesco's cultural project to revive villages in White Karelia.

Sustainable design 

Opposing throwaway culture, we aim to offer high-quality, sustainable jewelry with timeless, innovative design. Some products have remained in our collection throughout the company's 80-year history. Our jewelry is often passed from mother to daughter, father to son, along with cherished memories and stories.

An actively used piece of jewelry needs maintenance: regular cleaning and even repair, if it is broken. To extend the service life of our jewelry, we provide care instructions » with every product, and we also offer a jewelry repair service

Supporting Finnish culture

Kalevala Jewelry is owned by the Kalevala Women's Association » which donates its dividends to support Finnish culture. The Association and its 60 member organizations arrange various cultural events, seminars, and trips revolving around annually selected topics. In addition, Kalevala Kalevala Jewelry's Cultural Foundation » bestows several grants every year to causes supporting the maintenance and development of, and research into, Finnish cultural heritage.

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