Handmade in Finland

Handmade in Finland

  • All Kalevala Jewelry products are made in Finland. This is an important value for the company. We take great pride in the Finnish Key Flag Symbol », which has been granted to Kalevala Jewelry. For us, it represents responsibility.

    All jewelry branded as Kalevala Jewelry or Lapponia is manufactured in our factory in Helsinki, which is the most modern jewelry factory in Europe. The workplace of over 90 skilled employees, this new factory has been designed to be a comfortable working environment, where safety is continuously emphasized. Our manufacturing contributes to the development of the jewelry industry and employment in Finland.

    Our professional goldsmiths combine state-of-the-art innovations with age-old methods and tools. Every piece of jewelry goes through around ten pairs of hands before it is shipped out to bring joy to its new owner.
    Sustainable development and respect for the environment are also essential values for us. Read more » about our responsibility efforts.

    This is how the Snow Flower jewelry are made:

  • The making of a ring

    The journey of a ring from the skillful hands of our smiths to the store.

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