Product Archive

Kalevala Jewelry Product ArchiveKalevala Jewelry product archive contains a remarkable collection of jewelry imagery starting from the 1940s. All the featured designs have been a part of the Kalevala Jewelry collection in the past. The archive does not represent the complete Kalevala Jewelry collection throughout the decades but it offers an inclusive overview on the different jewelry styles that have been produced in the past.

Currently the product archive information is available only in Finnish.

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How to identify Kalevala Jewelry?

The best way to identify a genuine Kalevala Jewelry product is to examine the hallmarks found in the piece. All Kalevala Jewelry products are punched with the company's KK stamp.


The year of production

Some of our products contain a stamp representing the year of production - this is a combination of a letter and a number. The chart below helps to find the corresponding year.

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