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BiiSafe and Kalevala Jewelry Introduce a revolutionary smart jewel - The Kalevala Buddy


Kalevala Jewelry in cooperation with the Finnish award winning digital developer BiiSafe bring a revolutionary smart jewel concept to the market - the Kalevala Buddy. 

Kalevala Buddies are smart jewels that combine Kalevala’s signature Silver Design and BiiSafe’s Bluetooth powered technology. The Kalevala Buddies’ mission is to facilitate instant communication between families and friends. 

Kalevala Jewelry and BiiSafe have developed the Kalevala Buddy family of products in an effort to combine top-class Finnish Design, Engineering and Software expertise. 

Kalevala Jewelry and Biisafe have developed  Kalevala Buddy product family where top-class Finnish jewel design is combined with top-class Finnish engineering and software expertise. Kalevala Jewelry is a well-known Finnish jewel manufacturer that designs, manufactures and markets high-quality jewelry. BiiSafe is a developer of  BiiSafe Buddy, a quality leader in the emerging smart key fob sector. 

Kalevala Buddy is a silver necklace, which offers many application possibilities. Buddy can be connected to a social circle with the loved ones of the user, and it offers communication and alerting opportunities. Buddy improves safety, as it can be used to share location information or, if needed, to ask for help. Buddy allows for the measurement of activity using advanced motion sensors. Kalevala Buddy is designed to be a high quality product, which is stylish and functional at the same time. 

Co-operation is implemented as an activity of Kalevala Jewelry's Innovation Lab, which looks for novel jewel innovations. Kalevala Innovation Lab is working closely with consumers and companies in various fields, developing new digital services and functional design, as well as strong jewel design. The best products will be picked up to join the Kalevala Jewelry collection. 

- Jointly developed smart jewel brings to both companies totally new opportunities to better serve consumers as the same package now comprises a well-designed jewel and functionalities that help the everyday life. It's great to try something new, and hopefully we can get a lot of valuable feedback for further development, says Kalevala Jewelry Production Director and Head of Innovation Lab Terja Koskenoja

Design has always been an important competitive asset for BiiSafe. BiiSafe Buddy has been given the prestigious Red Dot design award for excellent design.

- It is an honor to cooperate with the well-known Finnish jewelry manufacturer and their excellent designers. Cooperation with Kalevala Jewelry has been easy and the whole development project has been amazingly rapid - and great fun, says BiiSafe’s COO Jouni Suutarinen.

New Kalevala Buddies can be pre-ordered during the summer of 2016 and deliveries are scheduled to begin in the autumn of 2016.




Kalevala Jewelry and Provinssi Festival to launch a smart bracelet band


Organized in Seinäjoki between June 30 and July 2 2016, Provinssi Festival, in collaboration with Kalevala Jewelry, is renewing its VIP product range. The result of the collaboration is a silver bracelet band, which serves as the festival wristband for the new Premium VIP product category. An NFC chip is hidden inside the charm to enable various functions to enhance the festival experience, such as making purchases.

As the first Finnish festival to do so, Provinssi launched a system last summer that enabled VIP customer payment by means of a smart chip placed inside a festival wristband. Cashless systems based on RFID-technology have become more common among the leading international festivals and are anticipated to gain ground across the international festival market in the near future.

"We are very excited about the new collaboration with Kalevala Jewelry, which is yet another new opening for us in the festival field. At the same time, collaboration is a natural continuation for our interest towards RFID technology, which has enormous potential within the event industry, not merely as an enabler of wrist payment. Together with the technological openings, this collaboration provides us with a new kind of boost within our constantly developing VIP product range", Provinssi Festival Director Sami Rumpunen says.

Kalevala Jewelry product development is a part of the new Kalevala Innovation Lab function. It provides a platform to develop and test new digital services and functional jewelry with a distinctive design. Innovation Lab acts as an incubator for Kalevala Jewelry, with its best products possibly making their way into Kalevala Jewelry basic collection. Collaboration with Provinssi is one of the first pioneer projects for Innovation Lab. The development work is carried out in close cooperation with consumers and companies within various fields.

"The Provinssi smart bracelet band is a truly interesting opening for Kalevala Innovation Lab. We see functional jewelry as having enormous potential, and the payment bracelet band created in collaboration with Provinssi provides us with a fantastic opportunity to test these functionalities in practice, to collect feedback from users and to further develop these solutions. Developing new solutions to support the festival experience of VIP customers in collaboration with an open-minded organization such as Provinssi has been wonderful", says Terja Koskenoja, Head of Kalevala Innovation Lab and Production Director at Kalevala Jewelry.

A limited number of Provinssi Premium VIP product packages are available. In addition to the bracelet band, the package includes dinner in the Festival VIP restaurant for all the days on which the ticket is valid. Provinssi Festival is organized in Seinäjoki between June 30 and July 2 2016. Among the main acts are Rammstein, Cheek, Biffy Clyro, and another collaboration partner of Kalevala Jewelry, Nightwish.




Kalevala Jewelry launches SELÄNNE jewelry together with Teemu Selänne


Today Kalevala Jewelry has launched SELÄNNE jewelry, designed in cooperation with Finland's most well-known ice hockey player Teemu Selänne.

It has been really fun designing the new piece with Teemu.  He is undoubtedly Finland's most loved and admired ice hockey player, a great Finnish athlete and well-known all over the world. It was clear that we had to design a piece especially for Teemu - he has certainly earned it, says Riitta Huuhtanen, CEO of Kalevala Jewelry.  

The silver necklace was inspired by Teemu's jersey number 8. There are what look like skate marks on the surface of the piece, which depict Teemu's time spent on the ice.

– I was born into a family where we were taught to work hard and believe in our dreams. The number eight has been with me throughout my life. Eight was the number of my first jersey, and as the symbol of infinity, to me it represents eternal movement. It also reflects my own attitude towards life, says Teemu Selänne

Selänne says that there are many similarities between the world of jewelry and the world of ice hockey.
– Ice hockey and jewelry design are united by manual skills, imagination and precise finishing touch. Being a Finn is also important to me. I value it immensely. 

Riitta Huuhtanen has already piloted through several cooperation projects with well-known jewelry personalities.
–These forms of cooperation have been energizing, because co-operation is based on a strong will to create something new that speaks to everyone. We are Finland's most well-known brand and, to many Finns, a very meaningful jewelry brand for them. Our cooperation partners are also well-known, loved and admired – they are Finns who have to courage to follow their dreams. And wherever they work, they are always proud of their roots. The cooperation with all of them has always been very easy-going, natural and so much fun, says Huuhtanen.

See the new SELÄNNE jewelry


Kalevala Jewelry and Nightwish to launch jewelry collection EVOLUTION SERIES BY NIGHTWISH


Since spring, Nightwish’s lead singer, the Dutch soprano Floor Jansen, has lent her face to Kalevala Koru jewelry. Now the collaboration is being taken one step further with the launch of the jewelry collection Evolution Series by Nightwish, created together with the band.
In spring, Floor Jansen became the wonderful face of our jewelry and now the cooperation is expanding into the Nightwish collection. At Kalevala Koru, we are really happy about this connection. It gives us international visibility with the world’s best known Finnish band,” says CEO Riitta Huuhtanen from Kalevala Jewelry.

The new jewelry collection accompanies the theme of the rich diversity of life – as on Nightwish’s album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. It is something that the band’s founder, musician Tuomas Holopainen, emphasizes in the collaboration.
From the start, it was important for the band that when we start to create a jewelry collection it should in some way reflect the theme of our new album. The message on the album is associated with the endless variety of all living things on our planet: we are one, made out of the same DNA, of the same matter. It’s an extremely beautiful and humbling fact, which we wish to bring out in the album. The same theme is also present in the new jewelry collection.

CEO Riitta Huuhtanen from Kalevala Jewelry is confident that the new collection will be a success.
Nightwish is a well-known and popular band, both in Finland and internationally. We are looking forward to see how the fans and the general public will receive the collection."

The Evolution Series by Nightwish collection includes two different silver pendants and a bracelet. The larger pendant has been inspired by the form of the fossil of the ancient marine animal, the ammonite. The smaller pendant echoes the spiral form of DNA.

Launched to shops in mid-October, pre-sale of the jewelry collection starts in the official Nightwish shop ( on August 18, and in Kalevala Jewelry´s online store on September 1. The jewelry collection will also be sold on Nightwish’s World Tour.

See the complete collection




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