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This spring our hottest novelty comes from the cold distant North! These mystical silver earrings are for all fans of Kalevala Jewelry classics and for everyone wanting to spice up their attire with a trendy detail. The face of the jewelry collection is Heidi Gauriloff, a young Skolt woman, who makes music in the Skolt Sámi language.
Material: Silver Width: 22 mm Height: 40 mm Weight: 12 g Article number: 2614722K
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Jewelry from Petsamo

The motif for this piece of jewelry is from earrings worn by Skolt Sámi women, who were among the first to wear earrings in the northernmost Europe. Traders from the east sold them earrings decorated with brightly coloured pieces of glass and silver. After twenty years of absence the earrings were reintroduced by Kalevala Jewelry in 2019 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the resettlement of the Skolts.

Tän hiârv ouddvueʹǩǩ lij Peäccam Suõʹnn’jelsiidâst. Sääʹmneezzan liâ leämmaž piiltǩi ââʹnnem ouddu'rddeei. Sij õʹnne eunnas steehl- da silbbpeʹssrin hiârvtum piiltǩid, koid sij vuõǯǯu nuõrttjest puõʹtti kauppoummin. Kalevala Hiârv mallõʹsse kueiʹt lååi eeʹjj kõhttpââʹj mâŋŋa maʹcci hiârvv juuhl’jâtt nuõrttsäʹmmlai aazztummuž 70-ekksažprääʹzneǩeeʹjj 2019.

Kalevala Koru Oy

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