Marja Suna

Talented artist Marja Suna is perhaps best known as designer of the well-known Marimekko clothes. During her long career Marja Suna has proved to be a skillful user of several materials who besides clothing design has also delved into paper and glass. Metal began to interest her as well since it was an unknown material to her earlier.

Marja Suna who was awarded the State Prize of Art and Design in 1979 and was selected as the Fashion Designer of the Year in 1998 says that there must be a message or a thought behind all creative work.

As fashion artist Suna sees jewelry as an important part of clothing. She thinks about its usability and elegance and its suitability for daily use and for festive occasions. She defines her jewelry designs as classically modern as they represent their own epoch while a part already is on the look-out for new styles.

The reflection of light on surfaces is an important element in her jewelry and the inspiration for her design she gets from the nature. The artist experienses the appearance of the jewelry surface very important aswell as what it tells to its carrier. Marja Suna has designed a.o. the tremendously popular Snow flower jewelry line.

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