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From this page you can find all Kalevala Jewelry necklaces and pendants. Kalevala Jewelry necklaces add a sparkling detail to any outfit or look. Many of our jewelry models work great in both the normal everyday situations as well as in festive and more formal occasions - try out different jewelry with different looks and you'll be surprised! One thing to remember when buying a necklace is to make sure the length is correct - short necklaces may be too tight around the neck and too long necklaces may not fit nicely, leaving the pendant or the motif hanging too low. See examples of different necklace lengths and how they fit here.

  1. Cross of Joy pendant
    Cross of Joy pendant
  2. Joyful necklace
    Joyful necklace
  3. Circle of Light Pendant
    Circle of Light Pendant
  4. Hugs pendant
    Hugs pendant
  5. Lucky Pearl pendant
    Lucky Pearl pendant
  6. Heyday necklace
    Heyday necklace
  7. Filigree pendant
    Filigree pendant
  8. Filigree pendant 1x0,06ct white gold
    Filigree pendant 1x0,06ct white gold
    14K White gold
  9. Filigree pendant 1x0,06ct
    Filigree pendant 1x0,06ct
    14K Gold
  10. Forever Mine pendant
    Forever Mine pendant
  11. Daydream Necklace
    Daydream Necklace
    14K Gold
  12. Melodie pendant
    Melodie pendant
  13. Willpower pendant
    Willpower pendant
  14. Willpower pendant
    Willpower pendant
  15. Fokus pendant
    Fokus pendant
  16. Joyful pendant
    Joyful pendant
  17. Four-Leaf Clover pendant
    Four-Leaf Clover pendant
  18. Mimosa Moments pendant
    Mimosa Moments pendant
  19. Twinkle in My Eye necklace
    Twinkle in My Eye necklace
  20. Dripping necklace
    Dripping necklace
  21. Dripping pendant
    Dripping pendant
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Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Kory Oy (Kalevala Jewelry) is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in northern Europe. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry, and owns two high-level consumer brands: Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry.

Recycled gold and silver

Our production uses recycled gold and silver. Environmentally-friendly production is a core value at Kalevala Jewelry.

Made in Finland

All Kalevala Jewelry products are designed and manufactured in Finland and the production favors local raw materials.