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Some Kalevala Jewelry pendants are available also as individual charms that are sold without the accompanying chain. These chains can be combined freely with different chains, for example with the our separately sold chains, or you can add the charm to your existing chain without needing to buy a new chain.

  1. Precious Sunshine charm
    Precious Sunshine charm
  2. Cross of Happiness Charm
    Cross of Happiness Charm
    14K Gold
  3. Child Charm (1 stone)
    Child Charm (1 stone)
  4. Child Charm (1 stone)
    Child Charm (1 stone)
    14K Gold
  5. Angela Charm
    Angela Charm
    14K Gold
  6. Eura Heart Charm
    Eura Heart Charm
    14K Gold
  7. Illusion Charm
    Illusion Charm
    14K Gold
  8. Cross Jewelry Charm
    Cross Jewelry Charm
    14K Gold
  9. Väinö Charm
    Väinö Charm
    14K Gold
  10. Heart of Joy Charm (small)
    Heart of Joy Charm (small)
    14K Gold
  11. Heart of Joy Charm (big)
    Heart of Joy Charm (big)
    14K Gold
  12. Chain of Generations Charm
    Chain of Generations Charm
    14K Gold
  13. Heart of Joy Charm 0,03ct
    Heart of Joy Charm 0,03ct
    14K Gold
  14. Filigree Charm
    Filigree Charm
    14K White gold
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Kalevala Jewelry

Kalevala Kory Oy (Kalevala Jewelry) is one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in northern Europe. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality gold, silver and bronze jewelry, and owns two high-level consumer brands: Kalevala Jewelry and Lapponia Jewelry.

Recycled gold and silver

Our production uses recycled gold and silver. Environmentally-friendly production is a core value at Kalevala Jewelry.

Made in Finland

All Kalevala Jewelry products are designed and manufactured in Finland and the production favors local raw materials.