Börje Rajalin

The position of modern design at Kalevala Jewelry strengthened in 1956 when artist Börje Rajalin started his work as Kalevala Jewelry’s head designer. In 1958 he and Eero Rislakki participated in a jewelry exhibition of young avantgardists in Artek in Helsinki, which became breakthrough for modern jewelry art in Finland. According to Rajalin it wasn’t until that time noticed that jewelry art of high level existed in our country.

A milestone was also Triennale di Milano, exhibition of industrial art in 1960. The unique design “Hopeahimmeli” designed by Rajalin and manufactured by Kalevala Jewelry won the gold medal and received great publicity in the press both in Finland and abroad.

Typical for Börje Rajalins designs were simple forms and usage of gemstones and ornaments. Hes stylish and high-level pieces of silver jewelry had a great influence to the growth of silver jewelry’s popularity among the wide audience.

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