Terhi Koivisto

Terhi Koivisto studied first to be an artisan at Lahti Handicraft and Industrial Arts Institute, after which she graduated in 2003 as a designer from Lahti Design Institute.

Koivisto believes that design, at its best, is functional, beautiful, practical and durable. Design creates objects that are fun to touch, look at and use. The most important thing about jewelry is its beauty and suitability to be worn on different occasions. A skilfully designed piece of jewelry makes an impression, creates joy, withstands the passing of time and has special meaning to its wearer.

For Koivisto, designing jewelry is a process in which the form of the jewelry begins to take shape through drawing, making and experimenting. Terhi, a passionate gardener, draws themes for her jewelry from the world of plants and the natural environment. Even the snowcrystal idea came from a beautiful ice crystal in a window, because in Koivisto’s eyes, the frozen crystals seemed like silver with a matt surface.

The designer herself likes old, beautiful objects that have character and which are pleasurable to look at. According to Koivisto, it is a wonderful feeling when some object is so alluring that you just have to acquire it for yourself!

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