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The Kalevala Smart Rings are the simplest solution to measure stress and recovery. By reading the signals of the autonomous nervous system the ring gives accurate, real-time data on fluctuating stress levels. The Moodmetric index is calculated from the electrodermal activity (EDA) of your skin. Electrodermal activity is a very sensitive indicator of emotional and cognitive stress. The Moodmetric index tells about the activation of your sympathetic nervous system on a scale of 1 to 100. A good target for the Moodmetric daily average level is around 50. Calibration time is about 12 hours.

The Kalevala Smart Rings are developed in collaboration with the Finnish company Moodmetric. The ring is connected to the free Moodmetric app, which makes it simple to analyze stress and the need for recovery.

Technical information:

  • Battery life  ~ 4 days 

  • Charging time 1,5 h 

  • Memory 250 h 

  • Bluetooth range 5 m 

  • Step counter

  • iOS & Android

Download free Moodmetric application from App Store or Google Play (in English)

Read complete user guide: http://www.moodmetric.com/contact

Kalevala Smart Rings are splash proof. Do not use the ring in the showering or when swimming.

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Material: Silver Article number: 2498011 Width: 29 mm Depth: 22 mm Weight: 12 g
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Kalevala Smart Rings

Kalevala Smart Ring -älysormusmallisto on kehitetty yhteistyössä suomalaisen startup-yrityksen Moodmetricin ja Kalevala Korun liiketoimintayksikön, Kalevala Innovation Labin kanssa. Älysormuksien avulla on helppoa ymmärtää stressiä ja palautumisen tarvetta. Älysormus antaa tarkkaa ja reaaliaikaista tietoa stressitasojen vaihteluista tulkitsemalla autonomisen hermoston reaktioita. Löydä oma yksilöllinen kuormituksen ja palautumisen tasapaino ja voi paremmin.

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