Jorma Koski

Jorma Koski graduated as a goldsmith in 1986 and as a master goldsmith in 2010. The sources of his inspiration are found in the nature of Finland and its many faces and seasons. Jorma Koski's designs have been strongly influenced by his work in advertising in his youth and his studies in arts, for example, in photography and graphic arts. He is interested in the various smithing techniques and their development and, on the other hand, in old, traditional work methods. He is interested in the various goldsmithing techniques and how to develop them, while also having interest in the old traditional working methods. Jorma Koski has worked in the field for a long time, actively exerting his influence to promote it, and is now moving to passing on his long-gathered expertise to future generations of goldsmiths. and strives to pass his longtime expertise on to future generations of goldsmiths.

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