Repairs and maintenance

Repairs and maintenance

Even the most beloved jewelry wears out and needs repair. Kalevala Jewelry's own maintenance service can help with all the product repairs. If you have purchased your Kalevala Jewelry product via our retailers, please be in touch primarily with the shop where the purchase was made. In many cases our professional retailers are able to help with repair and maintenance related questions straight away. 

You can also send your jewelry to us for repairs. Before sending your jewelry to us please be in touch with our webshop customer service for instructions on how to proceed. 

All Kalevala Jewelry's Products carry a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Kalevala Jewelry’s warranty provided herein does not include normal tear and wear due to use of the Product. Furthermore, Kalevala Jewelry’s warranty does not include defects due to negligence in products care. All the products with defects confirmed by Kalevala Jewelry will be repaired by us without any charges.

If you have more questions related to the warranty or maintenance please be in touch with our webshop customer service.

See the jewelry care instructions


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